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One of the first metals ever,COOPER
Copper was one of the first metals ever used by mankind. This was due, undoubtedly, to the existence of this metal in its native structure and, accordingly, this led to the replacement of ancient silex of the Neolitic, because of its better conditions.

Wind injection ovens.
In the Middle Ages, the art of extracting copper from its minerals was developed both in England and Western Europe. Ancient procedures were improved even to the building of real wind-injection ovens.

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COMPLEX alloys
Herrero Herrajes RamosAccording to its conditions for being combined with other materials, its alloys with zinc have given birth to a large range of brass, being used also alloyed with tin in the phosphoric brass, with zinc and tin together in the red brass, with zinc and nickel in the alpaca, with zinc and silicon in the brass for bells, apart from a lot different complex alloys where you can find it as an element, even in anti-frictions.
Physically understood, brass changes its primary color  by altering the percentage of alloy: so the pale yellow we  know is due to a relation of 66% and 75% of copper.