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From our manufacturing plant in Torrent, we design, develop, manufacture and distribute door handles, either with plate or with rose, and other door accessories..

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Our main raw material is brass, but gradually he have incorporated new collections made with different materials such as aluminum, forged iron, etc. widening our offer and allowing us to be positioned at the forefront of our sector competitors.

Almost constantly, we are incorporating new models, finishes and decorates, looking for a perfect balance between innovation and profitability. We have developed a wide general catalogue and specific models for every special market since are presence is all over the world.


From the attention that our customers deserve, we try to facilitate the access and knowledge of all our new promotions, new models and conditions.

Thanks to this, we invite you to visit our catalogue, and if some question, don´t hesitate to contact our commercial department.


If something we can presume, it is of being one of the most innovative firms of our sector, either for the new hidden fitting systems and special finishes.

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